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The California SuperLotto Plus lottery game is just one out of tens of official lottery games that you can play online today with the help of the internet and with the help of lottery concierge services such as Lottosend.

Online lottery tickets are available through various lottery websites that buy the tickets in your name. The most popular online lottery games available on these types of websites are SuperLotto Plus, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, Oz Lotto, La Primitiva and the Spanish Christmas lottery that is available once a year during Christmas time.

Why Play Lotto Games Online?

Why play the SuperLotto Plus lottery, or any other lottery game online? Well for one, you can easily join group plays, which will give you better odds. Also if you are overseas or traveling and want to buy a ticket from abroad, this is the best choice. Another good reason is you don't ever have to worry about loosing your ticket! The tickets are kept in a safe place for you and a scan of the original ticket is sent to you each time that you play.

Is it Safe?

Buying lottery tickets online is perfectly safe, we have purchased tickets many times through websites such as Lottosend and each time that our ticket won a prize, we were able to get the money easily without any problems or issues. Their website uses SSL technology so we also are not worried about using our credit card on their website.

Is it Legal?

Yes it is %100 legal, many people have bought tickets online and won a jackpot prize in the past and they did not have any problems with being viable to claim their prize. The only legality issue is age, in most lotteries you have to be a certain minimum age to be able to claim winnings.

Can You Buy Tickets With PayPal?

Most online lottery websites do not have the option to pay with Paypal. But most websites such as offer a variety of payment options in order to fund your online lottery account. Major credit cards like Visa and Mastercard and popular eWallets such as Skrill and also wire transfers from most banks can be used. The same methods can be used to withdraw winnings.

What Happens if You Win the Jackpot?

When an online lottery player wins a jackpot prize they are usually sent a check by the lottery agent, with the winnings, or the money is sent to them by bank transfer. In some cases when you win the jackpot, you will have to fly to the country where the lottery originates, with the original ticket (that you will recieve from the online lottery agent) and claim your prize.