Lottery Prediction

Is Lottery Prediction Possible?

Most people scoff at the idea of playing the lottery. “It's gambling, a game of pure dumb luck, nothing more,” they might say. But according a to several multiple-time lottery winners, a psychic, and a Brazilian mathematician, there's much more to it. 


According to Brazilian mathematician Renato Gianella, who conducted a vast amount of research on 20 of the world's largest lottery games using various mathematical equations and statistical analysis, you actually can predict the lottery. 

Maybe not exactly, but Gianella concluded that certain number combinations are more likely to crop up over others. Using his charts he claims that rather than a game of chance, the lottery is “a true representation of the probabilistic theory and the Law of Large Numbers.” 

But of course, due to the long length of his studies, his methods would only be effective over a long period of time. But fortunately, using his approach can improve your odds long term. 

“Lucky Numbers”

According to analysis of all UK lotteries taken place since 1994, the numbers 3-6-13-23-27-49 have produced the most prize winning matches. If you had used those same numbers over and over since 1994, you would $2 million richer – or even better. 

Help From A Psychic 

A recent 2017 Connecticut lottery winner claims her $3 million scratch-off prize was an event predicted by psychic. The woman, Carolyn O'Brien from New Milford, Connecticut, says that several years ago she visited a fortune teller. On the way out of the door, the psychic woman stopped her, saying 'I see you with a check in your hand cheering 'I did it!' The prediction turned out to be correct several years later when O'Brien played a scratch-off lotto ticket in the car with her husband as they found out they hit the $3 million jackpot.