Jobless Dad States He Won Part of Powerball Lottery Jackpot

Jobless Dad States He Won Part of Powerball Lottery Jackpot

A divorced dad from Louisville, Ky., whose unemployment dues were about to become depleted, made a decision to gamble on the Powerball jackpot of $294.8 million. According to him, his bet paid off! 

Forty-six year old David Edwards stated that one among the eight tickets he purchased around 1½ hours, prior to the drawing on Saturday night was among the four that matched the drawing for Powerball. 

‘I told myself that I stood to gain more than I would lose,’ stated Edwards on Sunday in a statement to The Daily Independent of Ashland, Ky. 

Officials of Kentucky Lottery refused to verify their state winner’s name but confirmed that it was a male who had a discussion on phone on Sunday, with the lottery president. 

In Delaware, New Hampshire and Minnesota, winning tickets were sold also; however, by Sunday, winners had not revealed themselves. In Des Moines, Iowa, the winning numbers that were drawn on Saturday night were 8, 17, 22, 42 & 47 as well as 21, which is the Powerball number. 

According to Edwards, before Saturday he had stayed for months without playing the lottery, as he was unable to afford the tickets. However, since the jackpot was heading to $300 million, he made a decision to try his luck. 

According to him, he purchased the winning ticket at Clark’s Pup N Shop on Saturday night, around 100 yards from his Ashland home, to the northeast of Kentucky. Officials of the lottery verified that a winning ticket had been sold and certified by Clark’s.

Edwards, who frequented Clark’s went back to the store on Sunday morning and was there the whole day talking to news reporters, said Melanie Wells, the store manager on Sunday. 

According to Edwards, he had of late been laid off from his work of fiber optics and required back surgery. He stated that once his unemployment benefits ran out, he had no clue what action he would take. 

According to Edwards, he had bought chances worth $8; one for himself and one for his fiancée. For his initial four plays, he utilized birthdays as well as other important numbers. He decided to attempt something different on his fifth one. 

‘I told myself I would examine the numbers and select the initial ones which come to mind,’ he remarked. He was taking a drive on Sunday with his fiancée in a Mercedes-Benz that a friend had lent to him to drive until he acquired his own. 

On Sunday, the Associated Press realized that Edward’s home phone was disconnected. The game’s jackpot, which was played in District of Columbia and 21 states, was the second hugest in the history of Powerball. In Ohio, a group of factory employees divided a prize of $295 million in 1998.