Big US Powerball Jackpot Winners

The world’s winners of the hugest lottery ever have at last presented themselves to claim their ticket. This was more than one month following the Powerball jackpot of $1.5 billion win in America.

David Kaltschmidt and Maureen Smith his wife became winners of a jackpot share of $528.7 million (£370m) and shared their winnings with John and Lisa Robinson. They bought the ticket that won in Tennessee. A winner from California has not come forward yet.

The Florida couple disclosed their win on Wednesday at a press conference and said they had not informed their kids yet.

Mr. Kaltschmidt stated that they would not party, but lead their lives as before. He stated that he would retire from his mechanical engineer work and purchase another truck, as his current one was dilapidated.

‘Rather than build airplanes, I will engage in charity work, investments and tax strategies,’ he said. Ms. Smith said she was eager to go for a massage!

Ms. Smith purchased the winning ticket in Melbourne, at a Publix supermarket. According to her, the numbers were the ones she normally chose, even though she rarely played.

They chose to obtain the lump sum of $327.8 million instead of getting the sum of $528 million in installments.

Maureen Smith and David Kaltschmidt (Credit: Florida Lottery)
Maureen Smith and David Kaltschmidt (Credit: Florida Lottery)

Online Lottery Powerball Winner

21 April 2012

A UK resident was one of the numerous around the world who joined an online Online Lottery website and began playing Powerball online. He realized his dream of becoming a lucky winner on 21 April 2012 when he won the second place winner of $1 million.

Following his win, the lucky winner confessed in an interview, ‘One factor that made me keen is hearing about Mega Millions on radio. I then became interested in American lotteries. I therefore checked the Internet to know how to play.’

He bought his winning ticket using a Subscription entry that instantly entered him in the thrilling biweekly draws for Powerball. Relying on luck, he utilized the Quick Pick option that selected numbers for him randomly.

He would latter be grateful for this decision, since five draws afterwards, these digits made him a millionaire!