California SuperLotto Plus

SuperLotto Plus game is provided just in California state. It is similar to Mega Millions. This game’s drawing is carried out at 7:45 pm on Wednesdays and Saturdays. You need to select five figures from a group of 1-47 and a single MEGA figure from 1-27.

$7 million is SuperLotto Plus’ starting jackpot, which continuously rises until the emergence of a winner. This game costs $1. You can use similar ticket to play up to 20 successive drawing dates.

Lotteries for SuperLotto have been customarily played by purchasing tickets from a retail shop, then scratching to show the lottery figures. But, the Internet is altering how California SuperLotto plus is played, as nowadays, California SuperLotto Plus can be played online.

Mega Number for California SuperLottoPlus Mega Number presents an extra number, which you obtain after purchasing your ticket (s). It consists of a figure between 1 & 27.

Winning California SuperLottoPlus occurs after the holder of the ticket matches each of the six winning figures. The quantity of cash that you win is determined by the quantity of figures you match. Apart from Mega Number for California SuperLottoPlus, the rest of the five figures consist of figures between 1 & 47.

The present jackpot is $44,000,000. 

Purchasing Tickets for SuperLotto 

When California SuperLottoPlus is played online, it becomes easy and efficient and four key steps are involved:

1. Selecting the lottery: As majority of websites present various varied kinds of lotteries from throughout the globe, select the option ‘play California SuperLottoPlus Online.’

2. A formal lottery ticket will be bought by the website on your behalf.

3. When the ticket is bought, the website shall scan the ticket. It will then be mailed to you on an online account that is secure.

4. Apart from the ticket being mailed to you, notification emails will be sent by the website directly to your inbox, for instance, winning notifications.

Rules and Regulations for California SuperLotto

A. Prizes

Five players are each given a chance by California SuperLotto to win a $15,000 prize in addition to a chance to win on 2nd Chance drawing.

B. Codes

California SuperLotto Plus players can provide codes even 500 times, in one month.

C. Odds

The odds of becoming a winner of SuperLotto plus is determined by the quantity of entries obtained and also the quantity entries a player makes. Just one winning prize is going to guarantee a draw. So, it is not possible for players to become winners of several prizes in one draw.

D. Participation Eligibility

Players need to be 18 years old or more, prior to taking part in lottery for California SuperLotto Plus. Players who desire to take part in drawing for 2nd Chance need to get registered on the website of the lottery.

E. Becoming a winner of lottery

Lottery for California SuperLotto Plus will choose winners randomly every week, according to the entries that qualify. Winners’ names shall be posted on the website of the lottery. The winner will be required to present a Claim Form to claim winnings, according to processes indicated in the rules and regulations for the lottery.

When you play California SuperLotto Plus, you have an opportunity of being a winner of the jackpot!